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Community Events 2020

We believe that this is an exciting time to be working in health and social care.  We believe that with a different way of working together, we are all better able to help each other, our patients and our communities than ever before.

Yet we also know our services face significant challenges, including financial pressures, public expectations, and workforce demands. These challenges affect everyone in every team, across the system. And we know that simply doing what we have always done will not be enough to meet them.

Here in Project Lift, our purpose is to offer a different way of looking at leadership at all levels, in all roles, in working collaboratively and choosing to work compassionately to help our staff meet these challenges. Since our launch in June 2018, we have been working across Scotland to help inspire a new approach to leadership and a new way of working together for our health and social care services. We have focused on inspiring and supporting leadership at all levels, from the front line through to boardrooms.

‘Leadership’ can seem like a remote concept, a textbook model or a boardroom agenda, far removed from the pressures of modern health and social care. We disagree. We think great leadership is essential to meeting our new and known challenges.

That’s why we’re hosting a series of events to explore how to tackle the most urgent issues in health and care, and how to create a more sustainable way of working which enables different approaches that prevent new issues occurring, building resilience within ourselves, our teams and the system.

Scroll down for details of our 2020 events.

Why would you come to one of our events?

We want to help you to build more collaborative teams, more responsive and compassionate organisations, a kinder, more resilient system – all to help people have better lives across Scotland. Regardless of where you work, or what stage you’re at in your career, we want to equip you with connections and confidence, knowledge and skills so together we can  begin to make things work better and bring people back into the heart of Health and Social Care. We are hosting four face-to-face events across the country to deep dive into some of the most critical issues in Scottish health and care. Each event is standalone – you don’t need to attend all four. Feel free to choose the one(s) which suit your interest, availability and geography.

Whilst registration for our opening webinar is now live and our January event, registration for the following face-to-face events will open periodically. Put the dates in your diary and check back here and on social media for more booking details as they are released.

Our first face-to-face event, in Edinburgh, will focus on ‘Surviving the System’.

Delegates will share their own experiences and hear from experts to better understand the challenges across the system – both for themselves and others. With renewed understanding, they will work together on how to address these challenges and actively reimagine what transformation of the system looks like.

Edinburgh – 27th January 2020, 12:30-16:00

Booking is now open – click here to find out more and book your free place!


Our second event is a series of workshops at multiple locations in Glasgow.

At these workshops, entitled ‘Leadership for Non-Leaders’, delegates will examine what leadership actually means in their context and how it can improve what they do and feel about their work. They will have the opportunity to share and learn from others in a similar position about how certain types of ‘leadership’ come from within, not from your job title.

Glasgow – various locations, 26th February 2020,  various times

Booking details available soon.

Our third event in Stirling, ‘Self-Care Helps Us Deliver the Best Care’,

will support delegates to improve what they and their teams do by actively protecting their wellbeing. We will learn from each other, and examples of leaders in the system already doing this, the value of self-care and wellbeing in delivering the best health and social care.

Stirling –  25th March 2020, half day event

Booking details available soon.

Our fourth event, Compassion At Work: Soothing the System,

we will examine how compassionate leadership is important to delivering good health and social care – and that this type of leadership applies to all levels and parts of the system. Why doesn’t compassionate working always come through? Delegates will share learning and think about how to overcome the barriers to compassionate working, and avoid toxic working environments.

Aberdeen – 27th April 2020, half day event

Booking details available soon.

We will also hold a digital event to bring together learning from each of the face-to-face events, build on the discussion and develop an ongoing conversation in our community on these key issues. (Registration will be opening soon, check back here for more details soon.)

Finally, please do sign up to our introductory webinar, to be held at 1-2pm on Wed 18 December, which will open the events series and frame some of the challenges we will be addressing in the events, so you can gather some insight into which might be most appropriate for you, or others that you know, to attend.

Together, we create ways to overcome the challenges so we can all do what we want to  do better.

At all of these events, we will hear from people who have led change in these areas, as well as people in the system who are working in different ways (and who may not actually consider themselves change ‘leaders’). We will explore what we know about the relevance of leadership and collaboration within these areas.