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Project Lift Box Sets

Our collection of Mini-Series on the new approach to leadership, talent management and communities

Welcome to our collection of mini-series! These are short ‘box sets’ of news items that are run over a short period of time with a twitter conversation featuring our  #pldailyquestion to share stories.  We aim to offer some insight, resource or shared stories that link to our fresh leadership and talent management ethos and ask you to get involved and share your views. We love to hear your stories so check out our series to date and watch our for the next one!

Collaborate with us on Communities! - April 2019

Although technically not a mini-series as such, our 5 part communication series builds on what we have learnt from the winter gatherings, looks wider to see what else is around that relates to this and then asks you to tell us what you think – an open invitation to collaborate with us and shape communities!

It started here with our intro item – Collaborate with us on Communities  Read it here 

We then shared week 1 – looking at the first of our three themes; Community as a concept Read it here

Week 2 focused on our second theme; the concept of Leadership  Read it here

Week 3 explored the final of our three themes; Stories of Dissent  Read it here 

Our final item will share the themes from our Community Survey – coming soon!

New Year, New You - January 2019

Read our second mini-series below and check out the shared stories on twitter

Read Part One – New Year, New YouLeadership to the power of 3, starting with you

Read Part Two – New Year, New You – Your Health and Wellbeing

Read Part Three – New Year, New You – New Year, New You: Compassion & Kindness feat. Guest Contributor

Read Part Four – New Year, New You – New Year, New You: Taking time for your career feat. guest reflections

Read Part Five – New Year, New You – Believe in the Butterfly

Fresh Thoughts on Leadership - November 2018

Read our first mini-series below and check out the shared stories on twitter

Read Part One – Leadership to the Power of Three

Read Part Two – Karen’s Story – Leadership and Self

Read Part Three – Andrew’s Story – Leadership and Team

Read Part Four – Safia’s Story – Leadership and System

Read Part Five – Bringing it together – Leadership and Individual Agency