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Open to all aspiring leaders, from whatever background, at whatever grade. Developing you to live your potential.

We are looking for those who can demonstrate exemplary teamwork, positivity, respect for others and the ability to inspire those around them.

We will be asking you about what motivates you, how you respond to difficulties, how you seek out the unknown, and how you see our future.

We will ask those you work with to share their perspectives of you, and will want to know how you respond to those views.

We want to know how you feel about your life, present, past and future, and what you believe is your purpose and potential.

A single central focus of a digital platform and human expertise that will co-ordinate and oversee 4 key elements

Values Based Recruitment

Making the NHS Scotland Values a vital component of appointments to our services, as well as ongoing appraisal and personal development.

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Talent Management

Providing a values based mechanism to identify those within our services that show the greatest potential to develop into our leaders of the future.

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Leadership Development

Offering an inventory of multi-professional development opportunities to established and potential leaders, offering tailored learning, mentoring, network support and stretch projects.

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Performance Appraisal

Reviewing and supporting the current performance appraisal systems at senior and executive level, putting people at the centre of everything we do.

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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.

It is the difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.

– Nelson Mandela

What's happening at Project Lift

15 Mar 2019

We’re looking to you to tell us where you think 2019 should take us

We’re looking to you to tell us where we should take the project lift communities in 2019. We find you inspiring, and we are listening closely to hear what you have to say, what direction you want to take and how we can help make that happen, all over the system. So please tell us what you think!

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11 Jan 2019

New Year, New You: Believe in the Butterfly

New Year, New You: Believe in the Butterfly In the final part of our New Year, New You mini-series, we pull together the themes from the week to offer some food for thought for your weekend.  To view all posts in this series you can click here Our mini-series has aimed to offer prompts and […]

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10 Jan 2019

New Year, New You: Taking time for your career feat. guest reflections

In the fourth part of our New Year, New You mini-series, we look at your career and welcome guest reflections from Leadership Cubed Cohort members, Suzy Aspley and Sharon Hammell.

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